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We welcome SEO experts and Freelancers who want their content to get published via Mindjini.in's Platform

Please go through our guidelines before you submit the guest blog


Guidelines for SEO - guest blogging

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your post for publishing 

1. Unique Content

The content should be unique, To the point, and must be unique, We have multiple checkpoints to assure the quality of content, add value to the user, grammatical mistakes and easy to read

We prefer content that is well written about the topic and in detailed

2. Added Values

A reader today loves well-structured articles with good infographics, charts, references, case studies, videos, etc with real references, it should be sufficient to distinguish between a well-written post and a random bunch of words


3. Proper References

Try to pick a topic you have experience in, We don't want an article that has a lot of information that is an irrelevant or of small value to the user, Try to make proper use of headlines, Bold, Italic, Underline, etc wherever required, Try to use plugins like Grammarly, etc to make an article free from typo error, spelling mistakes, etc

4. Links 

Authorized link adds value to content , Try to add links from google blog, Matt Cutts, or similar reliable resources that can make users feel comfortable with the genuineness of the information 

5. Images

NO one loves to read a long boring article no matter how informative it is, (Until and unless it is a statutory document)

So try to make an article that can engage users by inserting images and other infographics kinds of stuff including Videos as well.

You must either hold the Copywrite of the image or it should have a reference with a link to the image source

6. Article Length

Although Quality is the most important factor, still quantity is also something that bears importance. Still, we are expecting  at least 1500 + words of articles to be published

7. Author Bio 

We knew that every author inputs his best efforts to make the article the best, So we have a reward for it, We allow the author to post his BIO with a link to social media profiles as well 

the bio should be small , crisp, and reflect the expertise of the author on the topic 


To submit your content,

Please send it via email to info@mindjini.in